Jason Evans: the European Tour
August 6th 2012

Jason sent me these lovely installation shots of his three recent European shows back in June. I am typically late in actually getting them on to our blog – sorry Jason.

These are from the show at Hyères 2012 – Jason showed a selection from twenty years worth of commissions. There’s a nice write up about the festival here, including a sweet picture of Jason with Yohji Yamamoto.

In Krakow, Jason put on a show entitled ‘Pictures for looking at and sculpture for photography’ at Photomonth. These images demonstrate the kind of beautifully simple sculptures that appear in a lot of Jason’s work – colourful, graphic and strangely alive.

The last show was a selection of 90s Streetwork from Jason’s extensive archive, held at Antifoto in Dusseldorf. Hard to tell if it’s included here, but one of Jason’s most famous street shoots, ‘Strictly’, is now held in the permanent collection of the Tate, and is well worth a look.

More fantastic creative work at jasonevans.info and of course at thedailynice.com


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What’s Next?
May 25th 2012


I’m chuffed to be speaking at KK Outlet’s Equality panel discussion, as part of their ‘What’s Next?’ debate series.

Joining me on the panel will be Occupied Times collective; Tzortzis Rallis, Mike Sabbagh and Michael Richmond; photographer Ewen Spencer, and journalist Sam Wolfson. We’ll be discussing the London riots, representation of women in today’s media, the widening divide between rich and poor, and much much more!

It should be an interesting evening and tickets are FREE! Book here.

What’s Next? looks to uncover what young people think about economy, equality, education and digital politics. Each week a different art collective, group of hackers, printers and photographers will take over the KK Outlet gallery space and create work in response to a live twitter feed as people discuss a specific topic. Read more about it on the KK Outlet website here.

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Just the Facs
May 23rd 2012

I found a New Order cassette album – Low-life, Fact 100c – in the Notting Hill Music Exchange about three years ago. It was packaged in a lovely clamshell box with a fabric-embossed paper cover and beautifully simple screen-printed typography. At the time, I thought it was just a one-off special edition, and went on with my life.

Then I bought Factory Records – The Complete Graphic Album by Matthew Robertson, and everything changed. There, on page 102, I saw that there was actually a whole series of these cassette releases, for different Factory bands, all colour coded and all with the same beautifully minimal design.

I am now obsessed, as far as my bank balance will allow, with owning the whole set. Some of the rarest cassettes, such as Educes Me by Wim Mertens, go for up to £200 on eBay, so my dream is still some way in the distance. But one day, George, one day …

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The Hairy Ape – W Project post-show event
May 22nd 2012

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How Soon Is Nowt?
May 4th 2012

We were very pleased to be invited by the V&A to create an installation for their recent Friday Late event. ‘Britain Is Making It’ was the title, and our brief was to focus on the key themes of making, doing, innovation, wit and problem solving. Our installation had to be large and eye-catching, interactive and irreverent. And we had to design, create and install it in two weeks. No problem.

Our solution was to turn the theme of the show on it’s head, and make something that was all about doing nothing. This was more than just being contrary for the hell of it – these days, we’re always doing something, wherever we are. Distractions are unlimited. But the best ideas usually come when we stop and take a minute to do nothing.

So we teamed up with our Pick Me Up collaborator and all-round bloody good chap, Michael Marriott, and designed a capsule, big enough for one person, with a lurid green exterior and a sealed soft white insulated interior. We added a porthole, to give the participant something to focus on, but blocked the view with white foam, so all they could see was nothing.

We also designed a typeface especially for the capsule. We knew the best way to create any graphics on the walls would be to just mask off areas of paint, so the typeface was based on two thicknesses of masking tape.

Visitors were asked to surrender their phones, watches and shoes and were sealed in the capsule for three minutes. Successful participants received a certificate to prove that they had done nothing.

We were pleased to see that so many people wanted to do nothing!

View this project

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Amy Hunting
May 3rd 2012

We were pleasantly surprised to discover that Amy Hunting not only works in the same building as us in East London, but was also exhibiting at last Friday’s V&A Late (see above). But despite fate trying her darn hardest to make our paths cross, we have sadly never met Amy or seen her fantastic creations in the flesh.  At least, not yet …

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Ross Mantle
April 12th 2012

Received a lovely photographic booklet yesterday from Ross Mantle, a photographer I hadn’t come across before. In The Wake is a ‘multi-year exploration of the decaying, post-industrial grit of Western Pennsylvania’s Mon Valley’, and it contains some beautiful images of the photographer’s home town. You can see more of Ross’ work here, including some ace pics of A$AP Rocky.

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Jean Machine AW12
April 4th 2012

We were very happy to work with Laurence Ellis recently on the AW12 Jean Machine look book. The concept for the art direction was to subtly add more of a mood and a sense of space to the collection; Laurence’s talent as a landscape photographer, as well as his beautiful studio work, complemented the garments perfectly.

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