Jason Evans: the European Tour
August 6th 2012

Jason sent me these lovely installation shots of his three recent European shows back in June. I am typically late in actually getting them on to our blog – sorry Jason.

These are from the show at Hyères 2012 – Jason showed a selection from twenty years worth of commissions. There’s a nice write up about the festival here, including a sweet picture of Jason with Yohji Yamamoto.

In Krakow, Jason put on a show entitled ‘Pictures for looking at and sculpture for photography’ at Photomonth. These images demonstrate the kind of beautifully simple sculptures that appear in a lot of Jason’s work – colourful, graphic and strangely alive.

The last show was a selection of 90s Streetwork from Jason’s extensive archive, held at Antifoto in Dusseldorf. Hard to tell if it’s included here, but one of Jason’s most famous street shoots, ‘Strictly’, is now held in the permanent collection of the Tate, and is well worth a look.

More fantastic creative work at jasonevans.info and of course at thedailynice.com


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How Soon Is Nowt?
May 4th 2012

We were very pleased to be invited by the V&A to create an installation for their recent Friday Late event. ‘Britain Is Making It’ was the title, and our brief was to focus on the key themes of making, doing, innovation, wit and problem solving. Our installation had to be large and eye-catching, interactive and irreverent. And we had to design, create and install it in two weeks. No problem.

Our solution was to turn the theme of the show on it’s head, and make something that was all about doing nothing. This was more than just being contrary for the hell of it – these days, we’re always doing something, wherever we are. Distractions are unlimited. But the best ideas usually come when we stop and take a minute to do nothing.

So we teamed up with our Pick Me Up collaborator and all-round bloody good chap, Michael Marriott, and designed a capsule, big enough for one person, with a lurid green exterior and a sealed soft white insulated interior. We added a porthole, to give the participant something to focus on, but blocked the view with white foam, so all they could see was nothing.

We also designed a typeface especially for the capsule. We knew the best way to create any graphics on the walls would be to just mask off areas of paint, so the typeface was based on two thicknesses of masking tape.

Visitors were asked to surrender their phones, watches and shoes and were sealed in the capsule for three minutes. Successful participants received a certificate to prove that they had done nothing.

We were pleased to see that so many people wanted to do nothing!

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Jean Machine AW12
April 4th 2012

We were very happy to work with Laurence Ellis recently on the AW12 Jean Machine look book. The concept for the art direction was to subtly add more of a mood and a sense of space to the collection; Laurence’s talent as a landscape photographer, as well as his beautiful studio work, complemented the garments perfectly.

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Jean Machine – The Devil is in the Details
April 2nd 2012

We asked Greg Eason to illustrate the most important elements of Jean Machine’s debut collection for the Details section of their website. What he delivered really knocked us out – stunning studies in exquisite detail that really added something special to the overall design.

We have recently completed another project with Jean Machine and Greg – more on that soon.

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January 24th 2012

When we moved into our new studio, we saw it as a good opportunity to refresh our identity and get some new stationery printed. But we still had a load of our old stationery left, as well as some prints we had made that we wanted to get rid of. Being mindful of waste, we decided to pulp it all in order to make a new batch of paper, and then print our new stationery on that. We saw it as a more direct form of recycling – no middle man involved.

It all seemed pretty abvious to us, but like all seemingly simple ideas, it proved to be less than straightforward. Most of the people we approached said they couldn’t do it. But then Justin at Fenner put us on to Jim Patterson of Two Rivers Paper, and all our paper pulping prayers were answered. Here’s a film of all our old stuff being mashed up.

Adams of Rye completed the project in their usual fine style using traditional hand-set metal type.

Thanks to James Boughen for the factory footage.

Thanks also to Gavin at Creative Review for the write up.

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Wait a minute Mr Postman!
November 10th 2011

We recently made a little mailer to send to people to let them know that we’ve moved into a new studio. We got it printed by Ditto Press, who have an office just a few doors down from us on Shacklewell Lane.

We did two variations on the same design, one for us and one for our agent, East Photographic. Both have a grid of work images in blue on one side. The No Days Off version shows a load of bright pink boxes stacked up on the reverse; the East one has a collection of gold picture frames.

We printed the mailers on Redeem 70gsm (100% recycled), which means that when you hold them up to the light, you can see the work sitting inside the boxes or frames.

Ditto Press specialise in risograph printing. A risograph is basically like a really big, really cool photocopier. It’s a great, cost effective way to print small runs.

And it’s lots of fun.

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Look look it’s a look book
August 18th 2011

We got our Jean Machine look books back from Team recently, and were really pleased with how they turned out, especially the warm orangey-yellow cover.
Photography by John Spinks
Printed by Team Impression

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Top 40
July 13th 2011

Should have posted this months ago really. How time flies…

Anthony Burrill was the artist in residence at the last Pick Me Up exhibition at Somerset House. He set up a studio in the gallery and invited friends and collaborators to come in for one-day workshops and special events. The idea was that each collaborator would work with Anthony to create something in a day.

No Days Off were one of the collaborators, and as we had a history of working together on music projects, we came up with an idea to revisit some old record sleeves. We brought along a stack of records from our own collections, some charity shop finds, some coloured plastic, old books, some Posca pens, and set to work creating our new Top 40.

It was messy work, but we were really happy with the results, and the visitors to the show seemed really interested in the new ‘remixed’ artworks.

We’re hoping to do something like this again soon, so ‘keep your eyes peeled’ or ‘watch this space’ or something.

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