Amy Hunting
May 3rd 2012

We were pleasantly surprised to discover that Amy Hunting not only works in the same building as us in East London, but was also exhibiting at last Friday’s V&A Late (see above). But despite fate trying her darn hardest to make our paths cross, we have sadly never met Amy or seen her fantastic creations in the flesh.  At least, not yet …

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Ross Mantle
April 12th 2012

Received a lovely photographic booklet yesterday from Ross Mantle, a photographer I hadn’t come across before. In The Wake is a ‘multi-year exploration of the decaying, post-industrial grit of Western Pennsylvania’s Mon Valley’, and it contains some beautiful images of the photographer’s home town. You can see more of Ross’ work here, including some ace pics of A$AP Rocky.

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Stanley Kubrick’s New York
November 29th 2011

With some of the most visually stunning movies ever made in his oeuvre, it’s no surprise that Stanley Kubrick was also a dab hand with a good old stills camera.

Kubrick started working as a photo-journalist at Look magazine aged only 16, and carried a camera with him at all times, sometimes shooting through a hole in a paper bag.

A limited run of prints is available to buy here.

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That Ikea Book…
November 11th 2011

Photographer Carl Kleiner is no one-trick pony. We all loved his fantastically gridded, colourful photos of ingredients for the Ikea cook book but a deeper delve into his portfolio reveals a stack of equally charming, minimalist pieces, with a heavy undercurrent of OCD.

Thankfully, we’re big fans of tidiness as well.

To see more of Carl’s lovely pics head over to his site –

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August 19th 2011

Jeremy Deller played the audio from this on the radio last Sunday. It’s Otis Redding performing Try A Little Tenderness on the Stax Volt tour of Norway in 1967 – the last track of the show, and it’s a killer. The MC is desperately trying to get them to wrap it up, but he keeps cheekily nipping on for one last burst.

Tenderness has never been my favourite Otis track, but seeing him perform it here, the energy and soul he puts into it, is mind-blowing. Even more so when you realise he was only 26.

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Nick Van Woert
August 11th 2011

Charlie showed me these artworks by Nick Van Woert this morning, and I was very impressed. A really simple idea – polyurethane plastic dripped onto plaster busts – used to create stunning, colourful sculptures. The Eclipse series ais also amazing.

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Enrique Metinides
June 30th 2011

The first time I saw Enrique Metinides’ work at The Photographers Gallery a few years back I was hooked. His pictures of gruesome accidents, crime scenes and a whole lot of dead people may not be to everyone’s taste, but I’m big fan.

I’ve always been a sucker for old Hollywood movies, stuff like On the Waterfront and Towering Inferno, and I reckon that’s one reason I like Metinides’ photography so much – the images look cinematic. They feel big budget and at times glamorous and could easily be mistaken for stills from some epic disaster or gangster flick.

Of course, in order to get these intriguing shots he had to be a bit of an ambulance chaser, sleeping with radio tuned to Mexico City’s emergency stations so that he didn’t miss an opportunity for a shot. During his long career as a tabloid journalist Metinides created images for the grisly pages of Mexico’s newspapers. However, his photographs have transferred to cosmopolitan art galleries due both to his obvious artistic eye and to our morbid curiosity.

The images shown here are from Metinides’ self-titled book, published by Ridinghouse. You can get yourself a copy from Amazon.

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Top Cuts
June 27th 2011

I love these African barbershop and beauty salon signs…..I think the bold colours, quirky poses, misshapen faces, and hand drawn type make them charming. Commonly painted by the hairdressers and barbers themselves, the signs are used to advertise the popular styles available at their salons. I think it would be great if all hairstyles here had such interesting names. Wouldn’t you like to step into your barber’s and ask for a Tyson or a Ford Zip?

I think I actually had a Boeing cut at secondary school!

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