When we moved into our new studio, we saw it as a good opportunity to refresh our identity and get some new stationery printed. But we still had a load of our old stationery left, as well as some prints we had made that we wanted to get rid of. Being mindful of waste, we decided to pulp it all in order to make a new batch of paper, and then print our new stationery on that. We saw it as a more direct form of recycling – no middle man involved.

It all seemed pretty abvious to us, but like all seemingly simple ideas, it proved to be less than straightforward. Most of the people we approached said they couldn’t do it. But then Justin at Fenner put us on to Jim Patterson of Two Rivers Paper, and all our paper pulping prayers were answered. Here’s a film of all our old stuff being mashed up.

Adams of Rye completed the project in their usual fine style using traditional hand-set metal type.

Thanks to James Boughen for the factory footage.

Thanks also to Gavin at Creative Review for the write up.

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