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The Skill/Will Matrix

Members of your team or the individuals you are bringing onto your team, will have different skill sets and display different levels of enthusiasm. As a leader, how you coach and influence them will differ based on their skills or level of enthusiasm. This resource will help you to identify how your team members behave and how to best coach and influence them.

Listen to Episode 295 to learn how to work through this exercise for yourself or with your team members.

 Start-Stop-Continue Exercise

Leverage this exercise in your business or life to audit where you are at today and help increase performance towards achieving the end goal. This list of questions will allow you to look at performance from different perspectives and, if you are working through this exercise with others, you will have the opportunity to collaborate and discover new ideas. 

Listen to Episode 255 to learn how to work through this exercise for yourself or with your team members.

Increasing Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence involves a set of skills and qualities that enable you to navigate social scenarios, build and maintain relationships, and make better decisions.

Listen to Episode 144 to learn how to recognize your own emotional intelligence, how to better leverage it in your world, and how to be more purposeful in improving your emotional intelligence.

Predictable Peak Performance

Business owners and entrepreneurs are constantly evaluating talent and attitude within their teams or among new hires.

Sometimes you can associate more value with strong talent vs attitude, and not recognize how impactful attitude can actually be on the success (or failure) of that individual and/or team.

Listen to Episode 136 to learn how to determine predictable peak performance; how natural ability, skills and knowledge, and attitude can impact performance, and how to evaluate the performance of your team members.

Asking Powerful Questions

Asking the right types of questions can elicit more powerful conversations among team members, peers, kids, etc. Furthermore, the more powerful the questions asked, the more dynamic and thorough the problem solving, and the outcome, will be.

Listen to Episode 5 where Brian Gubernick breaks down how to reframe the questions you ask to get better responses and drive more powerful conversations.

The Wheel of Life

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your performance in your business? Your relationships? Your health? Your wealth?

As you work through this worksheet, you will begin to understand if your performance is congruent amongst all areas of your life or if there are areas you are neglecting or not giving enough attention or effort.

Listen to Episode 23 for a full description of how to use this worksheet to increase your awareness and unlock the key to happiness.  

The Eisenhower Matrix

The most urgent decisions are rarely the most important ones. – Dwight Eisenhower

The Eisenhower Matrix was founded by Dwight Eisenhower and is a time management and productivity tool designed to help people prioritize tasks based on their level of urgency and their level of importance.

Listen to Episode 99 for a full breakdown of this matrix and how you can begin to leverage this tool in your life and business.

Tracking Your Goals Using the G.R.O.W. Model

When working towards a goal, it is important that you have great clarity on where you are at today and where you are looking to go. Additionally, you must also have a clearly defined plan to reach the goal.

The G.R.O.W. model (Goal, Reality, Options, Way Forward) is a powerful tool for identifying your goals and creating an action plan around them.

Listen to Episode 6 for a full breakdown of the G.R.O.W. Model and an example of how to leverage this worksheet to achieve goals.

Bring in the Ship: Overcome Adversity & Rewrite Your Story

Obstacles and adversity shouldn’t be seen as negativity but as areas of growth. The way we respond to these obstacles will determine our success and happiness in life, and when embraced, obstacles can actually serve as an advantage.

Instead of letting adversity slow you down, change your attitude or rewrite your story around it so you can seize the opportunity that lies in front of you.

The story shared here is a great example of succeeding in the face of adversity.  

Listen to Episode 57 and hear how Brian Gubernick learned about overcoming adversity at his high school football camp and how he still applies these lessons today.